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LightTrans International GmbH


LightTrans offers solutions for modeling and design in optics and photonics based on our product VirtualLab Fusion – Fast Physical Optics Software. Our products and services include software, optical engineering, training and consulting.

Our expectations:

LightTrans is dedicated to providing industry leaders with the simulation tools they need to develop the innovative and sophisticated optical products that shape our future. By establishing the company LightTrans USA, we will be able to intensify our cooperation with leading companies and universities in North America starting in 2022. We aim to help with challenging optics development projects that go beyond established optical computational methods. We offer universities our help in training students in innovative optical computing.

We offer:

To simulate optical & optoelectronic systems, reduce trial & error prototyping, shorten your development cycle:  VirtualLab Fusion is a platform for connecting inbuilt & customized electromagnetic field solvers. This enables fast physical optics with ray tracing embedded. With this technique we include diffraction, interference, coherence & polarization in your modeling & design of AR & MR lightguide glasses and other consumer electronics devices, optical metrology systems, imaging optics, laser material processing systems and more.



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