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Micro-Sensys GmbH

  • Production of electronical wireless devices (development and manufacturing)
  • Founded in 1991, microsenys became the market leader for specialized RFID system solutions based on a wide product range in HF & UHF frequency area, new beacon technology and passive sensor transponders including NFC.
Our expectations:
  • Find system integrator partnership for IoT and process monitoring
  • Partnership for technical application support of microsensys products
  • End customer in medical equipment manufacturing industry
  • Sensor manufacture with the interest for wireless interface integration
We offer:
  • Miniaturized wireless sensor TAGs, industrial TAGs,
  • RFID-TAG and customized reader solutions for medical devices and equipment, small and autoclavable TAGs for medical instruments
  • Sensor datalogger for temperature, pressure, vibration and shock events, passive wireless sensors for process monitoring and maintenance
  • Mobile RFID Bluetooth™ data capture devices including software support



Micro-Sensys GmbH
In der Hochstedter Ecke 2
99098 Erfurt

Reinhard Jurisch

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